Organic Soybean Brands

Most Viking Blue River soybeans are packaged at 140,000 seeds per bag.  A few large-seeded varieties are packaged at 110,000 seeds per bag.

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Brand Maturity Feature
O.0654AT 0.7 Early Soybean with Aphid Tolerance
O.0821N 0.8 Very High Yields, Great Southern Movement
O.1202N 1.2 Bushy, High-Yielding; Good Defense
O.1544AT 1.5 Consistent Yields, Aphid Resistance
O.1518N 1.5 Outstanding Yields & Agronomics
O.1718N 1.7 Early Elite Genetics
O.1706N 1.7 Consistent Customer Favorite
O.IA1029 1.8 Well-Known, Yellow Hilum, Food-Grade
O.1955AT 1.9 Aphid Tolerance & Consistent Yields
O.e1993 1.9 Excellent 2-Year Performance in Our Organic Soybean Trials
O.IAS19C3 1.9 Yellow Hilum, Food-Grade
O.2155N 2.1 Consistently 5 Bushels Better Than 0.2265
v2122 2.1 Versatile Soybean Across Locations
O.2244AT 2.2 Aphid Tolerance, High Yields
O.2418N 2.4 High Yields, and Sound Agronomics
V2423 2.4 Widely Adapted to all Environments
O.2188AT12N 2.5 A Whole Package Yellow Hilum Soybean
O.2702 2.7 Widely Adapted, Outstanding Yields
O.IA3054RA12 2.8 Yellow Hilum, Very High Protein
V2922 2.9 Season-Long Fighter
O.3118N 3.1 Very High Yields & Good Agronomics
O.3418N 3.4 Widely Adapted Across Environments
V3623S 3.6 Very High Yield Potential
v4122S 4.1 Widely Adapted East to West
V4921S 4.9 74 Bushels Across 23 Locations (2021)
V5422S 5.4 Defensive Bean with Yield