Organic Silage Brands

This page is under construction. The 2023 lineup of Blue River and Viking products will be added soon

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Brand Maturity Feature
O.99-79 79 Fast Emergence; Tall Growing for Grain or Silage
O.23-82P 82 New stable hybrid, related to 14A91/O.87-80, that works well across many soil environments
42-92PGS UNT 92 Outstanding Dual-Purpose Genetics
49M23 103 Top-End Yield Potential
51-04GS Unt CNV 104 Outstanding Performance for Grain & Silage
48-08GS Unt CNV 108 Outstanding Yield and Agronomics
O.23-11GSP 111
O.FodderP 116 Outstanding Tonnage and Quality From MN to PA to TX