PuraMaize® Corn Hybrids Organic & Conventional
Since 2011-2012 Blue River Organic Seed has been offering a powerful tool to combat GMO contamination in corn—PuraMaize! PuraMaize is a hybrid corn just like all Blue River corn varieties.  However, it has one very important advantage;  the PuraMaize gene blocking system.  Developed through traditional selective breeding, the PuraMaize gene blocking sytem obstructs GMO corn cross pollen contamination.  Simply put:  PuraMaize prefers its own pollen over the pollen of neighboring corn hybrids that do not contain PuraMaize.  If PuraMaize pollen is present during the pollination window, all non-PuraMaize pollen is rejected, including GMO, Gene Edited and CRISPR pollen.

The PuraMaize line strengthens the ability of organic growers to continue to farm organically without worrying about pollen drift from their conventional neighbors.  An added benefit is that organic growers will no longe have to delay planting - widening their window for corn grain production.  


Click HERE for a printable PuraMaize factsheet.