Organic Corn Brands

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Brand Maturity Feature
O.99-79 79 Fast Emergence; Tall Growing for Grain or Silage
O.87-80 80 Excellent Yield Potential for Early Corn
O.87-80P 80 Excellent Yield Potential For Early Corn
O.58-85UP 85 Excellent Yield Potential
O.58-85 85 Excellent Yield Potential
O.58-85P 85 Excellent Yield Potential
68-86P Unt CNV 86 Excellent Yield and Drought Tolerance
O.52-89UP 89 Next Jump In Performance
O.98-91UP 91 Consistent Performance on Tough Ground
42-92PGS UNT 92 Outstanding Dual-Purpose Genetics
O.62-93UP 93 Showy Plant All Season Long
O.98-98P 98 High Yielding Organic Genetics
38M23 98 Fast Drydown, Grain Hybrid
99-00 Unt CNV 100 1st Place, 2020 Iowa Crop Performance Test, Sheldon, IA
O.69-01P 101 Outstanding for Grain or Silage
49M23 103 Top-End Yield Potential
O.84-04P 104 Excellent Yield Potential for High Quality Grain
51-04GS Unt CNV 104 Outstanding Performance for Grain & Silage
48-08GS Unt CNV 108 Outstanding Yield and Agronomics
O.85-09P 109
O.72-09P 109 Medium-tall hybrid with wide range of adaptation
O.23-11GSP 111
O.FodderP 116 Outstanding Tonnage and Quality From MN to PA to TX