Forage Planting Guide

Sorghum Sudangrass Planting Recommendations

Sorghum sundangress is a warm season crop, and generally should not be planted when soil temperatures are less than 62 degrees.

Plant 1"-2"deep in moist soil, with good seed-soil contact.

If planted for hay harvest, cut at 28" or less to allow for better drying.

To avoid prussic acid poisoning with any BMR variety, allow young plants to grow taller than 24" before pasturing;  avoid pasturing for 10 days after frost.

Seeding Rates for Sudangrass Forage
Row Width Intended Use Dryland lbs. of Seed/Acre Irrigated lbs. of Seed/Acre
32"-40" Grazing 4-5 8-10
20"-30" Grazing 6-8 10-12
Drilled Grazing 8-10 15-18
Drilled Hay 15-30 20-35
Broadcast Hay or Grazing 20-35 30-40


Clover Seeding Rate
Seeding Rate lbs/Acre
Pasture or Forage Blend 4-6
Inter-Seed with Small Grains 4-8
Pure Red Clover Stand 12-15