Forages & Sorghum

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Warm-Season Forages

Viking O-210 BMR (Gene 6) and juicy stalk trait.  Early-maturing; usually ready to harvest in 40-55 days.  Reaches boot stage in about 60 days.  Widely adapted, great drought tolerance.  Excellent early-season growth and recovery following harvest.
Grayhawk 6 Widely adaptable sorghum-sudangrass featuring the BMR-6 gene.  Versitile crop usage for hay, silage and grazing.  Exceptional drought tolerace, good early season vigor and regrowth for muliple quality cuts.
Viking O-225 BMR (Gene 12) and juicy stalk trait.  Harvest window wider before first cutting than for other s x s hybrids;  between 40 and 90 days.  Good candidate for single-cut system.  Excellent standability, tillering, regrowth, and recovery following harvest.  Excellent drought resistance and a great choice for managed grazing.

Blackhawk 12


BMR (Gene 12).  Primary use is pasture, green chop or silage; can be used for hay in appropriate drying climates.  Multi-cut hybrid with excellent regrowth palatability.  Early maturing with great standability.  Resistant to downy mildew and anthracnose.
Viking 100 Non-BMR; lower digestibility than our BMR hybrids.  Thin-stemmed type, highly palatable hybrid.  Early maturing, multi-cut hybrid; 50-55 days to boot stage.  Good choice for dry cow feed, early winter stockpile grazing, and cover cropping.
Viking 300

Photo-period sensitive BMR (Gene 6).  Long photoperiod requirement prevents plants from heading out until late September in the northern US.  Allows for a longer grazing period or later, single-cut silage harvest.  Retains nutritional quality for a wide window of harvest.  Can postpone silage harvest up to 50"-80", wilt before ensiling.  Can produce 7-10 tons DM/acre.  Cut in 65-85 days;  on earlier end of this range for two-cut system. 

Viking 232 BMR (Gene 6) Brachytic Dwarf.  Dry stalk, medium maturity.  Brachytic dwarfing genes improve quality and standability.  Shortened internode length;  very high leaf-to-stem ratio.  Shorter than other hybrids but produces equal tonnage in a 2-cut system, with up to 50% more leaves.  High sugar content improves palatability and feed intake.  Superior regrowth for quicker harvests.  First cut in 40-50 days (boot or preboot).
Viking O-510 BMR (Gene 6) Sudangrass.  Much higher quality forage compared to Piper sudangrass.  Ready to harvest in 45-55 days.  Reaches boot stage in about 60 days.  Improved overall disease resistance.  Very heat and drought stress tolerant.

Pheasant 6


BMR Sudangrass.  BMR 6 gene and "dry stalk" trait with excellent palatability and rapid dry-down.  Finer stem than sorghum sudangrass hybrids.  Multi-cut sudangrass hybrid with excellent early season vigor and regrowth capability.  Resistant to downy mildew and anthracnose.
Viking 401 CNV BMR (Gene 6) Forage Sorghum.  Medium maturity, sterile, hybrid forage sorghum.  7 to 8 feet tall with stalks and leaves similar in size to corn;  will head out but not produce seed.  Sweet sorgo type that can reach 18-21% soluble sugar content at early heading stage.  Yields from 18-25 tonas at 65% DM.  Adapted for a single harvest.  Non-host of corn rootworms.  Best use is silage; can make baleage if seeded at high rates.
Grouse 6 CNV BMR (Gene 6) Forage Sorghum.  Sterile, medium-maturing, sorghum hybrid.  A single-cut forgage sorghum that would make an excellent choice for hay or silage.  Palatable and highly digestible. 
Organic Grass & Hay Mixes
Organic Pasture Mix Mixture of improved grasses well suited for grazing and cutting.  Mix in organic clover or alfalfa to increase protein percentage and for nitrogen fixation.  Best use for long-term pasutre or hay field.
Organic Hay Mix Mixture of improved cool-season grasses well suited as an alfalfa companion.  Adds highly digestible fiber to hay, maximizes yield potential, and reduces insect pressure.  Best used as a high-quality alfalfa companion.


Medium Red Clovers
Medium Red Clover Fast etablishment, good recovery, persists 2-3 years.  Economical choice for haying, grazing and cover cropping.  Innoculated with OMRI-listed coating
Freedom! MR CNV Tremendous dry matter production.  Excellent choice for hay.  Reduced stem pubeschence aids in rapid drydown.  Better winter hardiness than Freedom.  Coated with Nitro-Coat® (OMRI listed)
Manitoba Brand Improved variety selected under organic field conditions.  More persistent than VNS Medium Red.  Widely adapted to a range of soil types & growing conditions.  Good disease resistance.  Coated with Apex Green + Graph-Ex SA™ (OMRI listed)
Ruby Red Brand Highest yielding red clover we sell! 1st place in 2019-2020 U of WI Prairie du Sac variety trial for 2020 and 2-yr DM yields.  Excellent persistence & disease resistance.  Fast drying and high forage quality.  Fast establishment and rapid recovery after cutting.  Inoculated with PreVAil (OMRI listed).