Alfalfa Planting Guide

Alfalfa stands should be re-evaluated each year to monitor deterioration.  The grower may wish to establish new seedlings when stands are less than the levels shown in the Alfalfa Stand Evaluation Guide below.

Alfalfa Stand Evaluation Guide
Stand Age

Optimum Stand (Crowns/Sq Foot)

Adequate Stand (Crowns/Sq Foot)

New Spring Seeding 25-40 12-20
1st Hay Year 12-20 6-10
2nd Hay Year 8-12 4-6
3rd Hay Year & Older 4-8 2-5


Alfalfa Seeding Rates
Expected Moisture lbs. of Seed/Acre Acres/Bag (50lbs)
Limited Irrigation or Favorable Dryland Direct Seeding 15-18 2.8-3.3
With Companion Crop 12-15 3.3-4.2
Full Irrigation 18-20 2.5-2.8
Dryland 10-12 4.2-5