About Us

Key elements of our business set us apart from being just another seed company.

PERSONAL SERVICE: Our dealers offer honest advice, dependable product recommendations and professional service on a local level.

COMMITMENT:  Blue River Organic Seed is committed to organic seed;  the vast majority of our product line is certified organic.  Our Kelley, IA plant is certified organic and dedicated to conditioning ONLY non-GMO seed.  This helps us ensure a quality product every time, meeting the needs of our customers both large and small.

TESTING:  Every year, Blue River invests significant funds in conducting extensive trials at a wide variety of locations.  We evaluate product performance of our existing products alongside many potential new ones.  Only the best organic products are offered to Blue River Customers each year.

INNOVATION:  Blue River has continued to bring innovative products to the marketplace, many of which are a direct result of our customers' needs or requests.  Ground-breaking products like PuraMaize corn prove that Blue River Organic Seed is leading the way.  We invest in the latest technology in quality assurance and seed coatings, striving to deliver the best, most advanced organic seed products on the market.