Alfalfa Performance

I sell alfalfa as a cash crop to dairies in Pennsylvania. The dairy famers are looking for high relative feed value, and I am looking for yield. BluejayHR meets both needs. I can take four cuttings and still let my livestock graze the alfalfa in late fall.

- Seth Smith
Nemaha, IA

Consistent Results

Blue River seed corn and beans have worked very well for me over the years, and I especially like the PuraMaize 58PM36 which helps me fight the GMO pollination issue.

- Craig Martin
Eureka, IL

Dedicated to Organic Alfalfa

Being an organic dairy producer, it's important to have high quality seed from a company that is dedicated to investing in organic alfalfa. That's why I choose Blue River.

- Tim Byom
Ettrick, WI

GMO Protection

Since we have had incidences of GMO contamination in the past, we plant PuraMaize corn hybrids because they provide a GMO-free crop. The organic corn stocks are palatable and preferred by our livestock.

- Ken Thiltges
Rulo, NE

Leafy Hybrids

We've experienced great success with Blue River's Leafy Hybrids. Because the starch is highly digestible in this hybrid, we are able to feed less dry corn and maintain, and even gain, milk production. Another plus is great weed control because of the denser canopy.

- Matt Fendry
Strum, WI


In 2014 we planted 6 rows of Indian corn down the quarter mile length of our 39 acre field of 71PM50 PuraMaize corn. There was no cross pollination or "off" colored kernels in our PuraMaize corn. The yield for the field was 192 bushels per acre. 71PM50 is one of the best hybrids we have planted on our farm.

- Steve Buxton
Sullivan, IL

Recognized, Researched, Reliable

Why do we sell Blue River? The name is recognized. There is research behind it. There are long-standing varieties that growers can rely on.

- Hy View Feeds, LLC
Mabel, MN