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The Organic Sower


Consumer demand has fueled significant growth in the organic industry, creating a real need for high quality organic seed. Without this seed, the industry will face challenges.  As a farmer, you don’t just want an organic variety - you also want a product that performs like its conventional counterparts with strong agronomics and high yield potential. What makes Blue River Hybrids unique is our dedication to you – the organic farmer – and our unrelenting focus on bringing new products to market that perform reliably in organic environments.  

Bringing Innovation to Organics - Blue River Hybrids strives to deliver the best, most advanced organic seed products on the market to meet the needs of our customers. Only the best products make it through our pipeline. We introduce products that offer strong yield potential, agronomic stability as well as perform on a wide range of organic environments.  

Tested Locally Throughout the U.S. - To ensure products will perform for our customers no matter your location, Blue River tests its products locally throughout the U.S. This year, we’ve expanded our corn testing to include more locations in the eastern corn belt, northern and southern U.S.  We enhanced forage testing in the eastern area as well as additional soybean testing locations in Group 3 and Group 4 maturity areas.

New Products for 2016 - Blue River is offering a wide variety of new products for the 2015-2016 season. When adding a new product to our pipeline, we evaluate it based on yield potential as well as disease resistance, standability and plant stature, among other characteristics. These products have undergone significant testing to ensure they'll perform in a wide variety of organic systems.

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