2020 Plot Data - Corn

78-89 Day Replicated Trial

89-90 Day Replicated Trial

90-98 Day Replicated Trial

99-101 Day Replicated Trial

99-105 Day Replicated Trial

105-112 Day Replicated Trial

116 Day Replicated Trial


*Note: Hybrids can be in more than one test, as you can see there is some over-lap of maturities. When this occurs, the early hybrids in a later test are often tested south of zone putting them at a disadvantage of the later hybrids. This often results in the % of location mean being under 100. This number also includes all of the research/developmental hybrids that are in the test at that same location, so another explanation is that we have a lot of very good (new research hybrids coming down the pipeline) and they yielded better than our existing commercial varieties. If all of our commercial hybrids in a test have very high % of location mean yield numbers, it could mean that the test did not have any new research hybrids that competed well.