Non-GMO Verification

As a service to our customers, Blue River Organic Seed has obtained Non-GMO Project Verification from the Non-GMO Project for PuraMaize hybrids 58PM36 and 71PM50. The Non-GMO Project is an independent non-profit committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply. Having our products verified offers an additional peace of mind to our customers when they select these products to plant, and provides value when selling their harvest. Learn more at .

1. What does Non-GMO Verification indicate?
Non-GMO Project Verification indicates that PuraMaize seed has achieved or surpassed the required benchmarks and has integrity as a non-GMO product. As part of the Non-GMO Project verification process, products undergo significant testing. All ingredients must adhere to a strict threshold in order to be verified. These products are required to have traceability and segregation throughout the process to ensure integrity.

2. Who recognizes Non-GMO verification?
The Non-GMO Project seal is recognized throughout the food industry from farmers to consumers.

3. How does organic certification differ from Non-GMO verification?
Organic certification ensures that your farming practices are consistent with producing a product that is free from potentially harmful chemicals and GMOs.  The Non-GMO Project measures the integrity of that product with annual testing that adheres to strict standards.

4. What are the benefits of using Non-GMO verified seed?
By using a seed source that is Non-GMO Project Verified, you are starting with a product that is tested to meet strict standards imposed by a third party. This gives peace of mind to the farmer, the grain buyer, and the consumer.  Any Non-GMO Project verified input, such as grain, used in producing an organic commodity, such as meat or eggs, can give you an advantage in verifying your end product. This creates value for you and your customers by saving time and money in the verification process.  The Non-GMO Project seal is a recognized symbol of this value; it garners consumer confidence and demand.

5. Does Non-GMO verification mean that PuraMaize is 100% GMO free?
It is scientifically impossible to measure a product to be 100% free of GMOs.
However, PuraMaize has more than met the standards for verification by consistently testing below limits set by the Non-GMO Project.

6. Why does Blue River only verify PuraMaize Hybrids?
Due to its GMO blocking characteristics, PuraMaize has been selected as a logical first step in the verifying of Blue River products.

Click HERE for a printable Non-GMO Project factsheet.