Conventional & Non-GMO Policy

Conventional Statement
Blue River seeks first to produce and sell organic seed. This is seed grown on land certified organic, using organically-approved methods and inputs, and conditioned and bagged at organically-certified facilities. In limited cases organic growers and conditioning facilities were not available. In these cases, Blue River will offer conventionally-produced, untreated NON-GMO seed.

NON-GMO Policy
As the leader in organic field seed production, we are committed to safeguarding seed from GMO contamination. Although the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations do not establish GMO tolerance levels, certified operations must maintain an organic system plan with verifiable practices for avoiding contact with GMOs. The following list summarizes Blue River GMO prevention practices:

  • Blue River tests all seed stock for GMO contamination when it's intended for organic seed production.
  • Consistent with NOP guidelines, our growers isolate fields by zone and planting time.
  • Organic seed fields are planted later and pollinate after surrounding acres.
  • Growers maintain minimum buffer zones—i.e., space between certified organic production and adjacent land that is not under organic management.
  • Prior to pollination, Blue River seed fields are vigorously rouged to remove non-conforming plants.
  • Blue River growers may not produce any GMO corn. This helps eliminate accidental mixing or contamination.
  • Blue River requires haulers to show “clean truck affidavits” when transporting all bulk seed to conditioning plants.
  • Blue River operates a Certified Organic conditioning plant. We do not handle any GMO corn, which removes the possibility of accidental contamination by human error in the conditioning plant.
  • After conditioning, Blue River tests all retail lots for GMO presence.
  • Blue River operates a winter grow-out program. We plant seed from all new crop lots in November (after harvest), and visually inspect for off-types before any seed is shipped to customers. This genetic-purity program assures customers that all seed corn is true to type/hybrid.

Blue River is fiercely committed to producing organic seed with the lowest possible GMO contamination. We regularly review our policy and practices—and continually invest in research and development efforts that bring you high-performing products.