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Brand Maturity Feature
09R19C 79 A great choice for grain or silage
21A10C 85 Very good yield potential across many environments
21L90C 85 Very early leafy floury silage hybrid
27B16C 88 Above average plant height with racehorse yield potential
33A16C 92 Excellent yield potential in an early 90 day hybrid
33L90C 93 Tall hybrid with more leaves above the ear
37K90C 95 Very good yield potential
49K70C 103 Very good yield potential
53H36C 104 Excellent yield potential; very good root strength
53L96C 104 Tall white cob hybrid with more leaves above the ear
56M30C 106 Consistently high performance across many environments
70A47C 114 Excellent yield potential and standability