Organic Silage Seed

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Brand Maturity Feature
09R19 CNV 79 Dent kernels dry faster for earlier harvest
14A91 82 Excellent yield potential in northern environments
21L90 85 Very early leafy floury silage hybrid
23A71 86 Responds positively to higher fertility
27B16 88 Above average plant height with racehorse yield potential
33A16 92 Excellent yield potential in an early 90 day hybrid
33ND10 92 Silage specific white cob hybrid, that can be taken for grain if needed
40R73 97 Very good yield potential
43L96 98 Very tall white cob hybrid with more leaves above the ear
48G35 102 Excellent yield potential
51T59 103 Exceptional yield potential
53L96 104 Tall white cob hybrid with more leaves above the ear
57A30 107 Racehorse yield potential across many soil types
62G22 110 Excellent yield potential with consistent girthy ears
66G25 112 Very good yield potential with consistent ear size