Seed Coating

Inoculants - PRE-VAIL & Nitragin Gold
Blue River alfalfas and clovers are inoculated with PRE-VAIL and Nitragin Gold.
PRE-VAIL and Nitragin Gold are approved for organic use by OMRI and OCIA.

Inoculation is the application of rhizobia bacteria to seed. The presence of rhizobia is necessary for a legume (such as alfalfa or red clover) to be able to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form. Proper inoculation helps alfalfa and red clover plants produce more forage and build more nitrogen in the soil.

Apex Green Hydroloc Organic Seed Coating
Blue River is pleased to make available Apex Green Hydroloc seed coating on select varieties of alfalfa seed to help customers have more productive stands of alfalfa. Apex Green Hydroloc seed coating is a carefully formulated mix of minerals and carefully selected strains of rhizobia bacteria. Apex Green Hydroloc is specifically designed for legume seed, is virtually dust-free, and bonds to each seed in a dense durable coating. The coating provides for a protected germination zone to ensure seed to plant survivability and to stimulate vigorous growth in young seedlings.

Apex Green Hydroloc Organic Seed Coating ensures;

  • Nodulation
  • Improved seedling emergence
  • More uniform stands
  • More productive plants per pound of seed

With Apex Green coated seeds you can grow more plants per bag, even though you are actually planting less seed. Uncoated seed performs well under perfect field conditions, but Apex Green Seed Coating provides good performance under less than perfect conditions.

1r Seed Treatment
1r Seed Treatment is the same product as X-Cell Seed Treatment. The product has undergone a name change.

What is 1r Seed Treatment?

1r Seed Treatment is a carbon based acid derived from naturally occurring materials and contains humic, fulvic, and ulmic acids. Reported benefits of these acids include improved nutrient extraction by plants, better root development, and reduced stress.

Has 1r Seed Treatment been tested?

Blue River tests compared uncoated seed corn with seed corn coated with 1r Seed Treatment. In cold tests, seed coated with 1r Seed Treatment had a greater percentage of germination.

Has 1r Seed Treatment been approved for use on organic crops?

1r Seed Treatment has been reviewed and approved by the following entities:
OCIA, certifier for Blue River-compliant with NOP organic rules
Washington State Department of Ag - compliant with NOP organic rules
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) – compliant with NOP rules
NOTE: 1r Seed Treatment is not compliant with JAS rules and should not be used on seed planted on land intended for future crops needing JAS certification. As with any product, we urge you to check with your certifier before using 1r Seed Treatment. KEEP TAGS from bags of seed coated with 1r Seed Treatment. The tags contain product information your certifier may require.