Organic Soybean Seed

Most Blue River Hybrids soybeans are packaged at 140,000 seeds per bag.  A few large-seeded varieties are packaged at 110,000 seeds per bag.

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Brand Maturity Feature
08F6 0.8 Early food grade soybean with very good yield potential
12A2 1.2 Yields 8-10% above location averages
13P8 1.3 Has the Rps2a gene, giving it great PRR
1F44 1.4 Proven performer over several years
15C6 1.5 Excellent yield potential
17C2 1.7 Excellent yield potential
18C7 1.8 Excellent yield potential
19AR1 1.9 Excellent stress tolerance
20FC6 2.0 Very good yield potential
21C6 2.1 Excellent yield potential
2A12 2.1 Excellent yields over multiple years
22DC6 2.2 Excellent yield potential
26F0 2.6 Good yield potential
21F3 2.6 Yellow hilum, 43.9% protein dry matter basis
27AC5 2.7 Aphid resistant version of 27C5
27C5 2.7 Excellent yield potential and agronomics
31C6 3.1 Strong agronomic background
34A7 3.4 Consistent top performer from PA to NE
37C6 3.7 Very good yield potential
e3865s 3.8 Very good yield potential
389F.Y 3.8 Very good yield potential
39C4 3.9 Excellent yield potential from PA to NE
43C2 4.3 Very good choice across many soil types
e4765 4.7 Very good yield potential
e4993 4.9 High yield potential
50SK7 5.0 Consistent performer
e5110 5.1 Good yield stability across many environments