Organic Alfalfa Seed

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Brand Fall Dormancy Feature
BlueJayApex CNV 3 Glandular haired alfalfa that provides potato leafhopper resistance
Red Falcon Apex 4 This branch rooted alfalfa stays productive in poorly drained soils
Roadrunner CNV 4 Our top selling alfalfa for multiple years, limited supply
GoldEagleApxCNV 4 Hybrid alfalfa with proven performance
SkylarkApex CNV 4 Reduced lignin, high quality forage
Wren Apex CNV 4 Sunken crown, protects from wheel and animal traffic, also "open" winters
Swift Apex 4 High yielding variety with excellent resistance to stem nematode
KingbirdApexCNV 5 Excellent yield potential and high quality
Robin Apex CNV 5 Excellent yield and forage quality potential
Quail Apex 5 Excellent yield potential with very good traffic tolerance
MallardApexCNV 5 Fall dormancy 5 with fast recovery