Sorghum Sudangrass

Black Hawk 12            

Excellent forage during the heat of summer, when other forage grasse are less productive.  

Nighthawk 6 A unique sorgum sudangrass product that has both the BMR-6 gene and brachytic dwarfing gene, which improves standability and harvest.
Bobwhite 6 Early maturity, 75 days, "dry stalk" allows direct chopping.
Pheasant 6 Excellent variety for rotational grazing and hay "dry stalk" helps dry-down, and results in highter quality hay.
Pelican BD 6 BMR gene and Brachytic Dwarfing gene provide strong stalks for excellent standability.


Red Clover
Red-Wing Blend VNS blend of medium red clover


Grain Sorghum
57B6 Excellent yields for early grain sorghum
59CT4 Excellent drought tollerance
60B4 Good drought tolerance and moves south well
63WT6 Tan plant with good grade white grain
63C5 Excellent drought tolerance
64YT5 Resistance to biotype C, E, and I greenbug
70C5 Consistent high yielding hybrid
76WT4 High yielding food grade