Organic Corn 80-88 Day

Organic Field Corn Seed: 77-89 Day

06B21 is a 76 day organic seed with very good emergence and excellent stalks and roots.

  • Extremely early hybrid with very good emergence
  • Medium-tall plant with medium-high ear placement
  • Very good agronomics
  • Very good plant health
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09R19 is a 79 day organic dual purpose corn hybrid with very good seedling vigor and canopy.

  • Very good dual purpose grain and silage hybrid
  • Dent kernels dry faster for earlier harvest
  • Very good standability and late season intactness
  • Very good ear flex
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14A91 is a 82 day organic field corn hybrid with excellent yield potential, adapted to work in all northern areas. It has very good early vigor, fast dry-down, and very good stalk strength.

  • Excellent yield potential in all northern environments
  • Very good dry-down
  • Very good stalks and roots in its maturity zone
  • Good performance south of maturity zone
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21A10 is a 85 day organic corn with very good plant health and excellent yield potential.

  • Great yield potential across many environments
  • Very good late season intactness and staygreen
  • Taller plant with medium ear placement
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23A71 is a 86 day organic field corn hybrid that has very good yield potential and is recommended for use in central and western areas. It has strong stalks, very good plant health, and very good stress tolerance.

  • Responds positively to higher fertility
  • Plant at higher population
  • Very good early vigor
  • Excellent ear flex
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26A17 is a 88 day organic field corn hybrid that is suitable for all regions. It demonstrates very good ear flex, excellent fall dry-down, and very good yield potential.

  • Very good emergence and early growth
  • Plant hybrid only in its normal maturity zone
  • Excellent dry-down
  • Responds to moderate fertility environments
  • Good silage potential
  • Technical Information

27B16 is a 88 day organic field corn hybrid that has very good root and stalk ratings.

  • Tall statured corn with excellent yield potential
  • Girthy ears and excellent test weight
  • Best performance at higher populations and increased fertility
  • Very good silage potential
  • Technical Information

27B50 is a 88 day organic field corn hybrid that has an excellent canopy and very good ear flex.

  • Medium-tall plant with excellent yield potential
  • Well suited to all soil types
  • Wide leaves make for excellent canopy
  • Good choice for grain or silage
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CNV indicates Non-GMO seed produced using conventional methods. Not treated with materials prohibited by the NOP rules.